Monday, 7 November 2011

Months of the year in Gaelic & Manx

I have noticed when surfing the world wide web that there is often a mix up between Irish & Scots Gaelic so I had the idea of putting some of my research to good use by listing the months in these languages. For good measure I have also listed Manx which arguably seems to be close to both Irish and Scots with a smattering of something else which might possibly be either Welsh, Norse or a blend of both?

As Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic)

Eanáir (January)

Feabhra [aka Imbolc] (February)

Márta (March)

Aibreán (April)

Bealtaine (May)

Meitheamh (June)

Lúil (July)

Lúghnasa (August)

Meán Fómhair (September)

Deireadh Fómhair) October

Samhain (November)

Nollaig (December)

Scots Gaelic

Am Faoilleach

An Gearran

Am Márt

An Giblean

An Céitean

An t-Ógmhios

An t-Luchar

An Lúnasdal

An t-Sulcain

An Dámhair

An t-Samain (Samhuin in Old Scots Gaelic)

An Dúbhlachd

Scots Gaelic is not the same as Irish Gaelic however similar. The two languages are distinct so an Irish translation is not a substitute for a Scottish Gaelic translation.


JANUARY. Mee s’jerree yn-gheurey. The end of the winter month.

FEBRUARY. Yn-chied vee jeh’n arragh. The first of spring, or vernal quarter.

MARCH. Mee-veanagh yn arree; also called yn-mart. The middle of Spring month.

APRIL. Mee s'jerree yn arree; also, Yn Avril. The end of Spring month.

MAY. Yn Baaltin; or, Yn-chied vee jeh’n tourey. The Beltein ; or, The first month of Summer.

JUNE. Mee-veanagh yn touree. The middle month of Summer.

JULY. Mee s’jerree yn touree. The end of Summer month.

AUGUST. Yn-chied-vee jeh’n ouyr. The first month of harvest.

SEPTEMBER. Mee-veanagh yn-ouyr. The middle month of harvest.

OCTOBER. Mee s’jerree yn ouyr. The end of the harvest month.

NOVEMBER. Yn-chied vee jeh’n gheurey. The first of the. Winter month or,

Yn Tauin, or Sauin, Hollantide month.

DECEMBER. Mee-meanagh yn-gheurey. The middle of the Winter month.


  1. Well, here you learn something new everyday.

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  3. I am going to try some of these out on our very good friend who is a manxman xxx

  4. Thank you for this, I learned something new today...and might I add, that Oliver is a cutie! ;)

  5. Interesting, for some reason Manx looks a bit like Dutch to me.

  6. Ygraine Barrow said: Really informative.
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