Monday, 6 December 2010

The Travails of Grandpa's Traveling

I arranged to fly out to the UK on 30th November for a short visit to my daughter & son in-law's home, primarily to see my grandson who was born on 20th October.

The journey ought to have been plain sailing however mother nature decided to give us some early snow. Our snow normally does not amount to much & generally arrives as a slight dusting on Christmas Day, followed a month or two later with a couple of inches.

We awoke on the morning of 27th November to about 3 inches of frozen snow, sub zero temperatures and a wild wind. By the time Tuesday came around there had been no improvement in the weather, with the temp down to -10C and my only way to the railway station for the Dublin train was by a friend's 4x4 jeep. I had decided to catch an earlier train than planned to allow for delays, it was just as well for the trains were running forty minutes behind schedule, all due to frozen points.

My arrival at the airport was uneventful, the check-in and subsequent security checks brought no problems. That is apart from my carelessness of spilling the two coin currencies across the floor. This caused a great laugh from the security staff and some jovial remarks cast in my direction, to which I could only give a big smile, as together we scrambled under the conveyors to gather up my loot.

I need not have bothered catching an early train, for the plane took off about three and half hours late, for the forty-five minute flight to Birmingham and then onwards to see my grandson Oliver.

At six weeks old he is a bright little fellow with an array of facial expressions and such sideways glances with his eyes, that I can only think that he is an old soul who has returned for some particular mission. I felt an instant connection with him and am greatly looking forward to watching him mature, for I feel sure that we shall have many things to talk about. Oddly enough he actually reminded me of my present wife's late father; I think it was the manner in which Oliver sleeps with his mouth open & lips pursed. Time will tell whether I be right or wrong.

Two old boys

The least said about my return journey the better as it took even longer all due to the flight being delayed for four hours.
I do though have to mention the great kindness shown to me by a fellow passenger: Paul Duggan, who gave me a lift in his car from the airport to the Midway Hotel in Portlaoise. Had he not, I would have had to spend the night in Dublin Airport.
As it was I did not arrive home until 2 a.m. and into the arms of my loving wife!


  1. Mel, I am enjoying the joy you are getting from your are absolutely smitten with him and I have to say...I have thought the same thing...that he is an old soul..I have feelings about these things and just the picture I have just seen of him looking at you has proven me and you correct.

  2. wot a lovely story granddad & oliver you write well old man time to write a story book for all ages x love to all

  3. Great story of what many people have suffered, Mel. The photo of you and the wee one is just lovely! So glad you made it there and back again. I think many people were stranded, caught unawares as they were by this early onset of winter!

  4. That must have been the most wonderful of meetings, lucky lucky you. He may begin to resemble you too as he grows up. Hope you get to see him often, he is lovely.

  5. I am sad, Mel. I sent you a wonderful comment and it is not appearing on here. Maybe I didn't post it correctly. I sent it write after you posted this.
    I love the way Oliver is looking at you...he senses you were together long ago. I told you that I thought that you looked alike when you first shared his photos with me. Yes I think he is an old soul reborn! Love this picture

  6. Ah, there is my original I'm not going button pushing neglectful after all! Thank you Mel.

  7. Kim's email to this blog which she wrote on 7th Dec did not arrive into my inbox until 13th Dec! I thought that it was only snail mail that managed to get it's self delayed ?


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