Thursday, 16 December 2010

A cold winter's morn

On a cold winter's morn a surprise !

Delivered to our door, a wide white mystery

A package from England.

Addressed in a hand I knew not,

a sender address & postal code so vague.

Yet vaguely it tripped my memory

'TA' ? Taunton' said my mind but who ?

For those that I knew there,

Now are long dead

At the package I stared and felt carefully

Slim both ends yet fat in the middle.

Mystified I looked and listened

(No the English don't … send ?? )

So in normal fashion I tried

to prize paper apart - failed.

'Use scissors!' said She who knows

'O yes that's easier, how clever

Thank you' I said

The bright white outer layer removed

revealed a cat food box intricately cut.

Then playful poly-wrap with bubbles

that pop when squished.

(I enjoy to play as a boy !)

Layers next of fine dark blue tissue

with a carriage label attached

A private secret message from

A lass, an artist well read.

So unwrapped, lay a gift crafted by hand

In pride of place it now hangs and

Capturing early eastern light, flies

A Heron bright in clear centre panel

Etched, engraved forever in flight.

Our gratitude and thanks

to you dear liZZie


  1. How lovely! A beautiful gift acknowledged with perfect verse. Thanks to both of you for a heartwarming post.

  2. Lovely to see Mr Heron in flight in your world. I enjoyed this most generous post, thank you.

  3. it is like a gift to everyone cause I am surely enjoying it too.. gifts are grand!!! it looks beautiful there!!!


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