Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Universal Egg makes positive changes!

In May we received a phone call from Buster of to say he was in Killarney and wanted to stop by to present us with a gift. So that he and his good lady would be able to tour the island without having to worry about cracking the Universal Egg.

The Universal Egg is a terracotta ali-baba styled pot, which on Buster's direction we buried in the garden in a position where it would accumulate extra energy (other than that for which the pot is known). We placed it in the centre of a stone circle.

quote from Buster :
The Universal Egg ! Specially designed and constructed according to principals laid down by the father of eco technology Viktor Schauberger. The first true living, breathing water vessel, called by Viktor the holy grail or chalice, venerated by the ancients. The material and shape of the universal egg means it can be used for above and below ground uses. It can heal and ennoble tap water, maintain the freshness of spring water, re-energise and cool sick land, rejuvenate and enliven sick or dying trees. The many uses are as varied as the imaginations of the users.

I followed Buster's instructions and gave the water filled pot a regular stir, even making a stirring device made from a broom handle & two tired CD's.

About two weeks ago I received a email from the great man to remove a third of the water and sprinkle it like rain drops around the garden.

Now I have to admit to having been rather sceptical about the whole business, because as you and I know, that when still water is stored for a lengthy time it becomes stagnant,as well as rather smelly.

So surprise, suprise !

For on lifting off the hessian cover there was definitely no smell or sign of stagnancy. The water that I extracted via a jam jar tied to a pole, was amazingly crystal clear and I was totally gob smacked !

We did indeed sprinkle the water, like rain, around the garden and the remainder I shared with friends, for them to do the same in their gardens.

I have known for some time that water is a special element in that it stores memory. Think of flower & gem essences, as well as homeopathy, all three use fresh spring water as the base to store an energy pattern.

The energy from the Universal Egg, has I am sure had a positive effect on a three year old pear tree growing about about twenty feet away from the UE. For this year it has produced many extra large pears, the majority of them on the side of the tree nearest to the universal egg. (see photos)

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