Thursday, 15 October 2009

Life The Stage

Photo is The Minack Theatre Cornwall

My Blog this week I have called Life the Stage, it is really about death and of how life's perceptions can change. The subject of death hardly ever gets an airing and is rarely discussed most likely because of our conscious fear, regardless of the fact that it is a journey that we all must undertake and from which there is no escape.

Earlier this week I was conversing with a friend about life, its mysterious intricacies, the paths that we have walked that have somehow led us to where we are now. To have the circle of friends that we have now, yet each of us started out in different places on the planet at different dates.

As individuals our lives contain experiences that shaped us and these continue, through some remarkable events or an event in our separateness that brought us all together. This does make me wonder is life accidental or are we living to a pre arranged script ?

Perhaps the poem below will clarify for you the words that I have left unsaid above, even though you may need to read the poem more than once.

Life the Stage

The living dreams of life

stay curious in minds that sleep

As we thespians play out

unwritten lines from a script.

A mystery in waxed footfalls

the rugged stage stumbles players

To shout aloud ‘accident’

unaware of the plot.

That pain creates character.

Babes whimper in hungry winds

starved of words that feed

The editors press with love

that which parents fumble to create.

A continuous dramatic comedy

ever changing scenes unheralded

Through time and space the acts

receive no applause or curtain calls.

For thespians are the critics unpaid

as unborn babes queue as audience

Impatient for a part on the stage.

© MRL 1983

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