Wednesday, 7 October 2009



Anybody else noticed that in the last few years that Common Courtesy has dwindled down to such an extent that it has now become virtually extinct .

I wonder if the new vogue of Political Correctness is to blame, or is it modern communications with all of its jargon. A ridiculous idea of course.

But what influence is it that has put a stopper on common courtesy that's what I would like to know ?

I do recall that twenty years ago it was the folks from the USA who having scrounged a holiday in our home, would return to theirs and nothing would be heard from them until they wanted to make a return visit.

Today I no longer entertain those whose manners are so poor that they cannot show a bit of honest decency and send greetings .

Another relevant grouse of mine is honesty, people are seemingly dishonest with themselves or is it that they have lost the ability to clearly state their desires.
Ask them a straight question and the reply is "I don't know I will let you know"

I am still waiting and have been waiting for a number of years for an honest answer
from one individual. Now don't run away with the idea that I have only ever asked them a simple uncomplicated question just the once. I do jog their memory from time to time.

I may very well be seen as an old dinosaur for sticking to my point of principles but am constantly fed up with the modern society that has its head up its arse !


  1. Have you read Talk to the Hand, by Lynne Truss? I share your feelings and think she rather does too!

  2. PS I have sent you an invitation for Skipper's Child as now I've finished the story I'm closing the blog for public access. Onto the editing and printing now!

  3. VallyP,
    Thank you for your comments, it is pleasing to know that my observations are not mine alone ;-)

    Thank you for the invitation and yes I enjoyed the story, am sure others will too. I wish you every success.


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