Tuesday, 31 December 2019


I often keep a look out for interesting and unusual things when I am out and about to use as blog topics and a few days before Christmas I was in awe to observe a hearse in Lidl's car park. We did look and it was empty at the time.

Later as we were leaving I noticed a fellow customer walking across the car park carrying several large frozen turkeys, he seemed to be heading in the direction of the hearse.
Mrs H went off to investigate.
As they were chatting the man put down his burden and opened the passenger door.
Out fell several more very large frozen turkey carcasses. 
Obviously imbued with Christmas spirit he then tried to stuff them all onto the seat and into the footwell. Mrs H helped, secretly hoping that he would open the rear door and place them in a line where the coffin would normally rest.
It was not to be, so wishing him season's greetings we drove away still wondering why an undertaker would want so many frozen turkeys. 
Answers below please. 


  1. Perhaps the undertaker was giving them out to employees for Christmas cheer? Or making hampers for the poor?

  2. Imagination is not a quality with which I was endowed. Certainly this scenario does not immediately lend itself to anything other than the mundane.

  3. I enjoyed this, Mel. A nice bit of absurdity to brighten our lives. It would be nice to think the turkeys were destined for several very living souls, though, perhaps a charitable gesture :)

  4. … obviously he needed to reserve the space in the back for a different dead body … anyway … wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy and Healthy 2020, friend Heron. Love, cat.

  5. Christmas Boxes for the staff no doubt/coffin bearers/grave diggers.

  6. They certainly would not be for the usual occupants.

  7. He’s faking a burial and helping someone disappear. Or he’s stealing the actual body and selling off parts! Or...

  8. I think it's quite good he didn't place them in the back...