Monday, 5 November 2018

The un-coffined ones.

I had a strange experience when we were taking a late summer holiday in Ballyvaghan in Co.Clare. One clear, sunny day I sat looking at the sea at high tide, the only movement was from the waves as they ended their journey and gently touched the shore.

I became aware that there were lines of greyish-white floating on the water. As I looked more carefully I saw it was script and could make out names, numbers and even the names of ships in some of the lines.

The majority of names were foreign ones, though mingled between them were the more recognisable Irish and British names. Nearly all of these names had numbers, such 23,16, 78 and 52 next to them which I presumed were ages. In some cases names of ships also followed. 

Hundreds and hundreds lines of names were floating towards the shoreline and disappearing in the slight foam as it touched the beach.
This vision went on without stopping for an hour and a half, until I just had to take a break and go indoors for a cup of coffee and biscuit where I shared my experience with my companion.

About an hour later I returned to the car for a pipe of tobacco. 
Surprisingly my earlier ‘vision’ was still there, the script was identical in style although the names were different.

The next day when I looked at the sea at high tide the vision was still there only this time, 
I was unable to decipher the language for it was written in an oriental language similar to Chinese Hanzi.
My conclusion is that my vision showed the names of people who had been drowned at sea and whose bodies were never recovered. 

Water has memory, an idea first propounded by Samuel Hahnemann, a 18th-century German doctor and then debunked by scientists of the day and sadly by some today.
However, in the 1980’s Dr. Jacques Benveniste proved that water does indeed have memory. Unfortunately Dr. Benveniste died before any awards could be made but Prof. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Laureate, has taken on the formidable task of following the pioneering work of Beneviste.  Once again it has been proven that water has the ability to reproduce the properties of any substance it once contained.  In other words - water has memory.

Back to my vision - what then caused me to see this?
I have no answer, nor do I know if others have had the same experience.
This experience did lead me to construct a poem from my vision 

The Un-coffined Ones

I watched in awe a million names drift ashore
grey white words floating on waves
To become absorbed gently on the foreshore
and beached at last for evermore.

Written in old unused script
names foreign unknown
from long ago and yesterday
The lost un-coffined ones.

Pedro, Sebastian, Antonio
Jon- Marie, Roberta, Siobhan
To name but a few
Names of the lost dead

Mourned and perhaps still loved
beneath the waves they lie deep
In the oceans depths untouched
No flowers for their graves.

© MRL November 2018


  1. Not sure what you saw, friend H … only thing I can relate to is this: After my baby daughter Jennifer Rose died in 1986, she came to me for 7 months … and we spent time together via brain waves … she was dressed in white and was floating … and we spent time being happy many a month … but one night she said that she wouldn't be able to return … and sure enough she never did … Anyway, much love, cat.

    1. Thank you for sharing Cat, what you said is not unknown to me and it is very moving too x

  2. Beautiful, Mel.
    So much we don't understand ...

  3. Annie many thanks and all I can say is that I have been and am still being shaped by my experiences.

  4. Your experience is fascinating but your beautiful poetic description really expresses the magic. It made me shiver!

    1. Thank you very much indeed for your appreciation Mitchell. The experience mystified me at the time and later after translating all into a poem I felt quite sad.

  5. I can quite understand that you saw what you saw and the poem reflects that with conviction and understanding. It would be wonderful if water could remove things that have entered it. The oceans have received so much pollution by man in the last couple of hundred years since the Industrial Revolution that the oceans may well be beyond healing soon. I won't be here. Perhaps my children's generation won't be either. I fear for their children though.

    1. Much gratitude for your understanding of my words Graham.
      I appreciate what you say about deplorable state of the sea's surface and it's depths. For all manner of debris is scattered on the floor of every ocean down there and almost every developed nation, including the UK has contributed to the Mess !
      A lot of people do not know that fifty percent of the oxygen that we breathe rises from the sea bed !

  6. A gift is what I'd call it Mel. You saw what the sea wanted you to know and your poem is a wonderful reflection of it. What a moving experience that must have been!

  7. A happening that will always be with me Val thank you for your understanding.

  8. Interesting how a spiritual experience will be channeled into poetry. I felt that too when my husband slipped into a coma, then woke up a few hours later. The poem actually wrote itself. I had to sit down when I got home from the hospital and put it on paper. It was spinning around in my brain and pulling at my heart. I called it "Standing At the Brink"

    The setting was in ancient times, hubby and I sleeping under the stars. Me cooking for him and waiting for his return. And him standing at The Brink, hesitating. I truly felt as if I'd been drawn back to ancient times and had to write it down. (he died 5 weeks later)

    Anyway that's my stuff. And I will agree wholehearted with Vallypee -you've been given a gift! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    I had no idea water holds memory. I wonder what happens to those drowned at sea as opposed to those buried in earth or cremated. Maybe your experience has given us a clue. Or at least something to think about.

    1. Dear Wendy, thank you very much for sharing your personal experience which was very moving. I shared my experience with a friend of mine a Dr of Psychology who told me that these things happen from time to time to various people. There is no known reason or explanation - thus I can only say that there is more to life than we will ever understand.