Friday, 25 March 2016

The Centenary of the Easter Rising

All around Ireland new monuments are being
erected to commemorate the 1916 Rising.

This is a fine example of what can occur when like minded people,
from different walks of life work together for the benefit of the greater community.
It is situated at Derrycloney Bridge on the outskirts of Mountmellick in Co. Laois
and will be unveiled on 3rd April 2016.

The Floral Tribute at Derrycloney.

In Dublin today 

Several thousand people have marched from Kilmainham to Arbour Hill Cemetery in Dublin to commemorate the events of Easter 1916.

Those taking part included the Cabra Historical Society and flute and pipe bands - including two from the US.

The gathering was addressed by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams.

Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness was also present. 

Mr Adams said relatives of 1916 should not have been forced to go the High Court to protect the Moore Street battlefield site.

Mr Adams said the State had lost the Moore Street case and the people had won.

He honoured Colm Moore who took the action in order save the site from demolition by developers.

Addressing the crowd at Arbour Hill Cemetery, Mr Adams said the State was "not the Republic proclaimed in 1916" and he added "efforts to pretend that it is, is an insult to the brave men who lie here".

Mr Adams also accused acting Taoiseach Enda Kenny of turning his back on the border.

"Enda Kenny thinks Northern Ireland is a foreign country." he said.

Mr Adams added that the proclamation remains the mission statement for Irish republicanism.


James Connolly Herron (right) unveils a new statue with Northern Ireland Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin, for his great grandfather James Connolly, one of the 1916 Easter Rising leaders on Falls Road, Belfast.

James Connolly Heron said it was an honour and a privilege to attend the event on the Falls Road in the west of the city.
Addressing a crowd of hundreds, he said: "I feel in some ways that I have come home.
"This is west Belfast and the Falls Road is very much the spiritual home of James Connolly.
"He had many homes. He was a son of Edinburgh; he was a son of New York; he was a son of Dublin and a very proud son of Belfast.
"His family forged their politics in and around this area."
The life-size bronze sculpture, which weighs 200 kilograms, was designed by artist Steve Feeny and is located on the Falls in the west of the city.
It was funded by Belfast City Council and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.
Sinn Fein councillor Jim McVeigh, a member of the James Connolly Society, said it was an "exciting day".
He said: "This is the best place for James Connolly, in the place where he lived and among the people whom he fought for."
Culture Minister Caral ni Chuilin described Connolly as one of the greatest ever leaders and revealed that his photograph had taken pride of place in the home where she grew up alongside a picture of the Sacred Heart and US President John F Kennedy.
Connolly was born in Edinburgh to Irish parents, rose to prominence during the Dublin lockout of 1913 as general secretary of Irish Transport and General Workers Union and commander of Irish Citizen Army (ICA), which was set up to defend workers from police brutality.
He had close ties with Belfast and lived at Glenalina Terrace close to the Falls Road for a number of years from 1911.
He has been hailed as one of the most influential and effective leaders of the rebellion and on Easter Monday, April 24 1916 led more than 220 ICA members to the General Post Office from where he commanded military operations.
He was executed by firing squad at Kilmainham Gaol in May 1916.
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  1. Let us hope it never has to happen again.

    1. Agreed - Adrian and thank you for the comment.

  2. Sorry to hear that you have been in hospital Heron - hope whatever the trouble was has been cleared up and you are on the road to recovery.
    The Irish troubles seem to have been going on for the whole of my life -maybe only playing a peripheral part in it - but to the Irish it has been such a 'bloody' time
    and I am sure the memories are still bitter (and rightly so).

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment Pat enough is a enough, it is time for a United Ireland methinks.
      Yes, thank you my stay served me well :)

  3. Hi Mel - I was wondering if something had occurred .. but am glad the stay served you well - never easy ...

    History is not an easy subject ... I don't know enough to comment properly ... all the best though - and have a peaceful and blessed Easter - cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you for the comment's Hilary.
      The fact is that the Irish Nation is divided into two separate political units and today even Germany is a forgiven nation ?

  4. I also didn't know you'd been in hospital, Mel. I hope it resolved the problem whatever it was! All good wishes in retrospect! As for the commemoration, I too pray the peace is here to stay and that violence will not be the road to Irish unification.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes Val. It was my blood pressure, it went as they say through the roof - 286/130.I went from the Doctors straight to hospital with 24 hours in A&E followed by three days of extensive tests. I have been very lucky!

      The visions that the patriots had, those men and women who battled and died for Irelands Freedom in 1916 must not and cannot be ignored.
      Today we must strive ahead and become a united country, a whole nation walking peacefully and respecting equally every person who lives on this great island.
      It is time now for the UK to respect Irelands right of total sovereignty and to do this a referendum needs to be held.

  5. I hope that your blood pressure is staying down and that they have worked out why it rose in the first place. Worrying times for both you and Jane. There has been a lot of news coverage over here about the 1916 rising, especially all the marches. All good reporting I hasten to say. I have been watching with interest xxx

    1. I confess to being a Chocoholic when it comes to a particular brand of German chocolate Fran.
      Thank you for your great comments Fran.


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