Tuesday, 30 June 2015


The Elder Rose
I don't suppose that there are many people who have a rose in their Elder tree, but we do!

  Pink Lady

I very much like roses, though I would not call myself a rose expert, nor am I a gardener
in the accepted sense. I like to allow these plants to flourish and grow to their natural height and since I have been doing so we have noticed that a quite a few people in the locality are doing the same. Roses are now showing themselves mingled with all sorts of trees and shrubs and adding colour in surprising places.

Old Rosie

Old Rosie was grown from a cutting. She has a single layer of petals with a wonderful 
scent. The only way I care for her is to remove the hips during her flowering season and 
to cut out the dead wood. Then she has the freedom to grow how ever she chooses.

Old Rosie's gift to us is her scent, which wafts through the open window on warm summer evenings such as these.


  1. Love Old Rosie. I agree about letting these old roses do their own thing. My Alexander Girault is just coming in to bloom. He should appear on my blog about this time next week. Unfortunately his perfume will not transfer.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation and comments Pat.
      One day we will be able send and receive the perfumes. I am sure someone in Apple is working on doing that.

  2. Love roses and know next to nothing about how to take care of them so it's a good thing that most of ours are pretty independent. Our wisteria grows everywhere and our climbing rose keeps having to climb higher to get some light.

    1. Thank you Janet.
      I am very taken with plants that you just push in the ground and they grow without any special attention and don't mind the weeds :)

  3. I love roses and yours are very pretty! The one blooming among the elderflowers is my favorite!

  4. Roses are a true gift!! I absolutely love them.. and to let them do as they want that is how I like to garden too.

    1. Our style of gardening is the very opposite to most of my neighbours.
      Thank you for sharing Gwen.


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