Thursday, 11 December 2014

Culchies demonstrate in Dublin

This is only part of the demonstrators

This was Novembers Demo the feelings are
even stronger.

They came from all over Ireland: from the North, from Donegal, Down & Louth, from the South as far as Cork & Kerry, from the West, Mayo to Clare, from the East, Wexford & Wicklow and from the Midlands too. People from every county were there for themselves and to represent others unable to travel to Dublin.

They brought their placards, their voices and their determination. They stayed for a day and went away carrying their experiences to pass on to others.

We are proud of them !

Proud to have them as neighbours and to call them our friends.

On reading the newspapers it easy to see that the journalists are lost for words to describe what they witnessed when the ‘culchies’ came to town; unless of course, as I suspect, many of them are suppressed by a secret committee of censors!

Approximately one hundred and fifty thousand people took part in the peaceful,self disciplined demonstration. Out of this number six people were arrested and none of them actually charged. Were they the fifth columnists planted in the crowd? - I don’t know.

There is a new wave of governance flowing through the land. We know it for now as People Power which occurs when the electorate reach within themselves to become enriched with a sense of personal worth and value. Flowing from this comes the empowerment to become Activists who have ability and inner confidence to tell members of the government what they want and do not want.

That is what happened on the streets of Dublin on 10th December 2014 and from this example even larger numbers will be drawn on 31st January 2015 to another demonstration of People Power.


  1. excellent. Power to the people
    Margaret x

    1. People Power Margaret not the old party power eh :) ?

  2. Great to see it. I hope that People Power will be able to create a representation as a political party that can win against the traditional alternatives. The governmental system requires a party to lead the country and I think to date the same old ones have remained because there hasn't been an alternative strong enough to win. Great to see people moving and standing up for themselves I just hope it carrys through to being able to have a team to represent them in the Dail.

    1. Why I wonder do we need a party system. Perhaps what we need is a Celtic Council system where each of a counties representatives are there as independent individuals who vote on separate issues for policy rather than party.
      For quite honestly I don't think that the party system is working for it is not getting the best results for the people of this country ?

      I would be interested to know what other people think ?

  3. Agree with Grace - People Power as a force for change is great to see and we need an alternative.
    The party system isn't working especially when you have such a limited number of parties to choose between - the main ones having the same goals even though they would deny it. The Council idea is interesting.
    I think (hope) that we are seeing an awakening in Ireland that will bring about huge changes in 2016.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jane.
      I think that there is a tendency for political parties to be treated in a similar way as religions - in that people vote for the party, rather than their policies and of course the other notable negative is that political parties do not keep to their election manifesto. Perhaps something needs to be written into Ireland's Constitution about keeping to the election manifesto ?

  4. Wouldn't it be lovely for People Power to really take hold, not just in Ireland, but everywhere? I like your point that you've made in the comment to Jane that politicians should be obliged to keep to their election manifestos. They dupe everyone into voting for them and then break all their promises! If they had to keep them as part of the constitution, we might all stand a better chance of having the governments we've elected.

    1. Thank you Val perhaps my idea needs to promulgated around europe my readers ?


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