Sunday, 3 August 2014


The title of this blog is aimed at all those who, directly or indirectly, support Zionist Israel whether financially, intellectually, militarily, politically, or socially as in ‘Friends of Israel’ or via trade links.

For example the Irish ‘Friends of Israel’ are believed to be Joanna Tuffy TD, 
Ruairi Quinn TD, Leo Varadakar TD, Alan Shatter TD, Charles Flanagan TD & Senator Feargal Quinn.
In other countries similar groups of politicians exist working for the benefit of Israel, often at the expense of their own country and fellow human beings.

Prime Minister of Israel

Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, I consider to be a WAR CRIMINAL.
His policies, which create genocide, were learnt at the knee of his father, Benzion who,  
regarding the Palestinian people, stated: 
They won't be able to face war with us, which will include withholding food from Arab cities, preventing education, terminating electrical power and more. They won't be able to exist, and they will run away.”

A damaged Israeli boy soldier

I do not support the callous genocide being practised on the inhabitants of Gaza and am very aware of the deep psychological damage being done to the survivors of this dreadful war, including the Israeli troops, for none can be immune to the effects of inhumane actions.
Those left un-counselled may very well carry the scars throughout their lives.

I salute the Israelis protesting against the war, especially since dissent may subject them to death threats. A great many Jews oppose Israeli treatment of the Palestinians including six former Israeli Security Chiefs who are against the occupation of Palestine and The Holocaust Survivors who have criticised Israeli Policy Towards Palestinians.Many devoutly religious Jews oppose Zionism. 
A well-known sports writer Dave Zirin tweeted: 
“Israel’s actions are antithetical to everything I was taught in Hebrew School, and yet they did this in my name. Silence isn’t an option.“

The Israeli Government, with US backing, has said that during any truce its ground forces would continue their main mission of locating and destroying tunnels that have been used by Hamas for several cross-border attacks. This mission includes the use of the weapons of war leading to death and destruction in Gaza.
That is not a truce. 
A truce is when all military and incursive activity ceases. 
So once again we hear the ‘double talk’ of politicians.

The US Senate with a three zillion dollar debt, has approved an additional $225 million gift to Israel to fund its’ deadly war on Gaza. Perhaps this $225 million may have been better spent on helping the US citizens who face social depravation or the US veterans who live with the psychological effects of war every day?

The humane civilised world is getting tired of hearing from the political power junkies of US & EU with their ideas of a peace that actually enforces the wilful murder of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Middle East and the Ukraine. 

We all know what these wars are really about - it is the mineral wealth that lies beneath the victims graves.





  1. Netanyahu is a very wicked man. The US govt leave me speechless. Thank you for this post.

  2. I abhor this thing that the so called civilized world calls war...I would question the civility and the term war, for what is actually a bloody masacre and genocide of a race of people. I too salute the Israelis who protest against this so called war... and all else who do so too. It is time all violence ended everywhere ,and let everyone who walks this earth live in harmony together. Peace to all.
    BB Margaret x

  3. I don't know how I missed this post. One would think that the Israelis would be the first to condemn any form of genocide, given their history, not the ones that are actually carrying it out. I would love my grandchildren to grow up in a peaceful world where all men and women are equal, but it just seems to be getting worse.

    1. Fran I agree with sentiments and being a suspicious type, am thinking that all of these wars are part of a super power conspiracy.

  4. It is a sad, sad world that is evolving. Power is so ugly.

  5. ...... and Israel now has Zero credibility!

  6. Well said, I am disgusted with what the Israeli government is doing, and the fact that they are doing it in the name of self defence. They will not stop until they have driven out the Palestinians. Shame on America for funding this terrorism.

  7. I also missed this post, Mel and I am sitting here cheering your words. Like Fran, I am aghast at the crimes being committed by the Israeli government. How they can justify this with their own horrific history still in living memory, I cannot fathom. And for the US and EU to support them is even worse. But as you say, it's money and power that rules here. I have signed so many petitions against this unspeakable action in Gaza, but I wonder if they will ever make any difference. I can only hope so one day.

    1. I completely agree with you Val. In regards to the petitions, likewise we have signed many and even if the warlords don't see them. Others do, more importantly the victims certainly get to hear about them and know that there are people who care about their wellbeing.


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