Friday, 25 July 2014


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Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan

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Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan has said Ireland abstained on a UN vote on Gaza because it wanted swifter action using mechanisms that have already been set up.
The UN Human Rights Council voted to establish an independent commission of inquiry to investigate violations of human rights and it also condemned Israel for potential infractions of international law.
Mr Flanagan said Ireland had spent all day engaging with its European colleagues and with other members to ensure that the result was going to be swift, workable and all-embracing.
He said that Ireland acknowledged that this did not happen, but it was going to work within the structures as agreed because the objective is to ensure a ceasefire at the earliest opportunity and an end to the unacceptable level of violence and killing.
This is not the way to proceed Charlie. Your very first action if your words are sincere should have been to remove the Israeli Ambassador, but then you are not a very brave man are you?
Secondly you and your EU cronies ought to have put forward a mandate stating that you wanted immediate action. Too late now mate, you just sound like a weak apologist and let's face it some of your EU mates sell arms to Israel (especially Britain whose morals are to say the least are very dodgy). 
The British are one of the worlds largest arms dealers and manufacturers of weaponry. That's what their economy is based on Charlie.
Then of course you know all about the inner workings of the British, for over the years you have spent many happy hours in their Dublin Embassy. (didn't they offer you a bed one night :-] )

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How many more tears must flow ?


  1. BIRGIT said: I admire and love your earnest and straight forward words, they are also true for Germany and Frau Merkel, selling weapons seems to make their sleep better than taking a stand for Peace and Humanity.

    1. Many thanks for your appreciation Birgit. I am actually very annoyed by weak mealy mouthed politicians and apologists who are too cowardly to be firm.

  2. Excellent piece Mr. H. deserves a FB share.

    1. Thank you Ita & as I am not on FB then work away please


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