Friday, 27 June 2014

Amongst Trees and Roadside Things

Nut laden overhanging Beech Tree

macro shot of a Beech Nut
The Beech trees almost olive green are laden with nuts and soon squirrels will
dance on thin branches & to gather their winter fayre. 

A rare road marker

At the road side a rarity sits, it is almost a monument to old travellers, a
hand carved Milestone. The thoroughfares were littered with them once on main roads and byways, at junctions and forks in odd out of the way places; these sentinels stood marking the path and telling the distance.

A surprise came my way the other day. A call from a friend who said
'Can I use your poem "Moon Is" to decorate an entrance for the 
Body and Soul Festival at Ballinlough Castle?'
Needless to say I was delighted with this to me novel way of viewing prose.

Ballinlough Castle is located on the N52 (Kells to Mullingar road) approximately 3 miles south of Clonmellon and 4 miles west of Athboy.

Body & Soul Festival

The words are :- 

Moon is 
Oval ivory white
A sensuous glow
Who sits in quiet
At least
Tempts one
To believe so
    She is an Earthy Woman

© MRL 2014


  1. Lucky you over the use of that poem - so many people will read it.
    Love your other photographs too.

    1. Many thanks Weave and it is the first time that I have played with the lines in such a way, it seems to fit this one.

  2. A lovely tribute and a great piece of gossamer art work.

  3. WoW what an honour!. Congrats.! That piece of wood is perfect for it.

    1. Ha' ha' ha' Ita darling!
      That piece of wood as you call it -- is actually hessian cloth. Thank you though for leaving a comment always good to hear from you and hope things are well in Peru.

  4. How beautiful - both the poem and the use of it.

  5. Thank you Fran and I thought it's use rather novel too !

  6. We could do with some of those milestones down here, Heron. UK companies often ask us for our post code. We say: "We don't have one." We don't even have road signs. Yet the post always gets here.

    Do you think poetry needs a pattern or even rhyme? Use to write quite a bit myself. Haven't composed a poem or ten for a while now. Like your poem.

    1. Thanks Dave, it amazed me too,how I got any mail when I first moved here from Ulster where they have post codes - all done by neighbours telling the postman the new persons name and bingo there you go!

      As regards poetry needing a pattern or rhyme. No I don't think so, it does need a rhythm though and the rhythm does not need to be at the end of each line it can be in the middle plus alliteration helps too bring out the sounds when it is spoken. My poems are at

    2. To the above re:poetry: that each and every poem has to have a thread of continuity, a theme that runs throughout.

  7. Grandly deep verse; due to your lines, I leave this humble haiku echo.

    earth moon waits
    beyond this day's flowers
    a night bloom


  8. You must be beaming more than usual, Mel. That's a lovely poem and a very special use for it!

    1. Yes, you do know Val, that when a piece of poetry gets used in such a way I don't feel half as crazy or as eccentric..... :-) !


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