Friday, 2 May 2014


Deputy Minister Martin McGuiness

Martin McGuiness seen speaking to reporters at the Assembly, the Sinn Féin MLA said Gerry Adams has been the single most important person in building peace in Ireland on 1st May 2014


In a statement issued today 2nd May the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA has accused the British government and elements of the PSNI of “pursuing a negative and destructive political agenda”. Mr. McGuinness said:

“Yesterday I said that the timing of the arrest of Gerry Adams was politically motivated.

Today’s decision by the PSNI to seek an extension confirms me in my view. The arrest of Gerry Adams at this time is inextricably linked to the Local Government and EU elections that will take place across this island in three weeks.

Sinn Féin fully supports the fair and democratic implementation of policing and justice but it is clear that there are elements of the PSNI – what some in that force have described to us as the Dark Side – who continue to work to a negative and anti-peace process agenda and are involved in political policing.

Peter Robinson has said that if the police have evidence and don’t act on it that this would be political policing.

The British Secretary of State claims that no one should be above the law. I agree with both statements but the reality is much different.

There is clear evidence of political policing and of the difference of approach and treatment taken in dealing with those who are members or former members of British state forces and those who are republican and nationalist.

- For example: the British Parachute Regiment murdered 14 people on the streets of Derry in 1972. The PSNI know the soldiers who did this. Have they acted on this evidence? No. Is this political policing? Yes it is.

- The PSNI know who killed 11 civilians in Ballymurphy in 1971. Not one has been arrested. Is this political policing? Yes it is.

- Last week Theresa Villiers told the Ballymurphy families there would be no review of their cases. Is this political interference? Yes it is.

- The British Government refuses to provide information and evidence it has on the Dublin/Monaghan bombings which killed 33 citizens. Is this political interference in the justice system? Yes it is.

- In a key note speech two weeks ago, the British Secretary of State criticised what she described as the one sided focus on state killings. Is this political interference in policing and the justice system? Yes it is.

The indisputable fact is that for 40 years there has been a virtual amnesty for British state forces involved in killing citizens both directly and through state collusion with unionist death squads.

There are many progressive and open-minded elements in the new policing arrangements who are wedded to accountable and impartial policing.

I want to emphasis my absolute support for them in their efforts to deliver impartial and accountable policing.

But there is a small cabal in the PSNI who have a different agenda – a negative and destructive agenda to both the peace process and to Sinn Féin.

Sinn Féin under the leadership of Gerry Adams will not allow these elements to succeed.


  1. I just wish that everyone could live in peace and without fear. Politicians have a lot to answer for and that applies to all of them whatever colours they fly, they all have their own agendas that we, as ordinary citizens, pay the price for.

    1. I echo your sentiments Fran.

    2. Fran & John:
      Thank you for your comments the sentiment of which is appreciated.

    3. I think it is probably difficult for English people to appreciate what has been going on in Ireland. So I am going to ask you to use your imagination of how you would feel if six counties of England were under the domination of a foreign power in Europe?

  2. Powerful writing, Mel. Political interest and power politics seem to drive everything these days - from justice to interference in others' affairs. Maybe northern Ireland would benefit from a TRC process like the one that took place in South Africa rather than arresting people now…just an idea.

    1. Val thank you. The writing which you have praised is not mine, it is a direct transcript of Martin's speech.
      Your suggestion about a TRC process is a good idea and would work unfortunately those concerned are not just individuals on the island of Ireland, it also involves The British Government who are very reluctant to let go of old habits and allow the Peace Process to go forward.

  3. Justice, at least in this country, is always politically motivated, with attempts to placate both ends of the political spectrum and seldomly serving justice at all.

    1. Thank you for your comment and enlightenment on US justice.

  4. I find your post very enlightening. While we can never know for sure the machinations of politics -- especially in Northern Ireland, it seems to me there is a lot more to this story that is yet to unfold. And the "truth" will never quite be told...


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