Sunday, 4 May 2014


GERRY ADAMS - The President of Sinn Fein

This blogger is pleased to share with you all the great news that Gerry Adams is now free.

The Louth TD Gerry Adams was held in police custody for almost 96 hours under the Terrorism Act after he presented himself at Antrim Serious Crime Suite on Wednesday. He was released without charge at 5.45pm today Sunday.

Before his release Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly was granted access into the police station and spoke with the former west Belfast MP.

He said Mr Adams was "doing fine" but had concerns about the impact his arrest will have on the PSNI's image.

"Like myself and other members of Sinn Féin he believes that the timing of this was political," he said outside the station.

"He's worried about the damage it might be doing to the image of policing and that it's being mishandled in that type of fashion."

He said that during questioning, officers used "open source material" - including the Boston College tapes as well as old pictures, newspaper articles and Mr Adam's autobiography.

The recent police activity followed a decision by a US court compelling a Boston university to hand over to the PSNI recorded interviews with republicans about Mrs McConville's murder.

Mr Adams has always strenuously denied allegations levelled by former republican colleagues that he had any involvement in the murder of Mrs McConville.


  1. Good news indeed, Mel! Congratulations to all in Ireland!

    1. Thank you Val. It was great to see Gerry released and to watch his news conference a short while later. He is a life long Activist and an inspiration to all who work for peace and unity.


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