Monday, 17 September 2012

Our Friend - Toby

This is our faithful old Toby, whose age we estimate to be about 9 years.He is a cross bred English Sheepdog and Welsh Collie, having the character of a lovable rogue, his hearing is absolutely brilliant and so makes for a great watchdog, especially at night.

Considering his background was not that great he is very well behaved with clean habits. Toby’s first companion treated him viciously, hitting him with a broom handle, punching him, feeding him on dry bread and water. He kept him on a short chain in a concrete yard with no proper shelter all the year round and only let him free to exercise about every six weeks.

Today he stays mainly indoors as he is not fond of rain. During the days of sunshine his favourite hideaway is a shady nook under a tree or shrub from where he keeps a watchful eye on what we are doing or eating, for his vast appetite can never be sated and we are careful not to over feed him. At the first opportunity he raids the cats’ bowls and leaves them without food.

There doesn’t seem to be any food that he doesn’t like. His tastes range from garlic to lettuce leaves and he even chews turf (the burning kind).
He also has a fondness Bailey’s Irish Cream and is especially good at plying his long tongue into a neglected brandy glass and not spilling a drop whilst he licks. On that occasion he did go through the door sideways then lay down and snored for a few hours! At a recent party a young friend placed a slice of gateaux on the coffee table only to find it missing within seconds of doing so... Toby had struck again !

We took him in the back of the car to our nearest beach, 70 miles away, because Jane had an idea that he would run on the beach with her and play in the waves. No such luck ! He was back in the car as fast as his legs would carry him when he realised it was wet, cold and tasted bad.
Toby is our friend, playmate and guardian and we are his. 


  1. Great story, well done for making this adorable dog a safe happy home.
    My dogs eat soil as well, what's that all about?

    1. I think that dogs having a keen sense of smell know what minerals are in the soil/turf and what they need to keep themselves healthy.

  2. He's a lovely dog. I'm so glad that you rescued him from that miserable terrible life he must have been having with his previous owner (How could they!!)

  3. What a lovely story, some people can be so cruel. I am glad he has a loving home now and get's all the love and attention he deserves.

  4. Your Toby is cute.... and certainly has a character....and definitely Knows what he likes and what he doesn't.

  5. He looks gorgeous and sounds like my Sin (and that's my dog...ahem). She was also very badly treated as a pup and kept outside in a cage. She doesn't like gardens, the 'outdoors', the sea or being cold and wet or too hot either. In fact, Sin is a couch potato supreme....and she also likes anything edible as well. Don't you just love your dog to pieces though? I know I do.

  6. Mel, I remember seeing Toby on the skype the first time we talked a couple years ago now. Was he your neighbor's dog? He is so lucky to have you and you to have him.

  7. I just don't know how people can be so cruel to animals, it makes me so angry. I am glad there was a happy ending for Toby. Animals are very quick to return love and friendship xxx

  8. Aww so glad you have him now, I deeply hope karma comes back to all who are cruel and hateful to animals, women and children! what I wouldn't give to be Darth Vader for just a while and sneaking up on people like that! They would need to be veryyy scared! lol


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