Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No photos, no drivers - thanks to Canon

As many of you are aware I use an iMac desk top and recently installed Apples new operating system Mountain Lion OS 10.8 which is amazingly fast and smooth.

My camera is a Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS which is perfect for me with my limited knowledge of photography.

Nearly all all of the photo’s on this blog were taken with my camera. Today I am unable to display any, in fact I am unable to download any of the photo’s from my camera onto the apple application iPhoto.

The reason for this is that Canon have yet to produce any drivers to work with my camera and OS10.8 operating system. 

Twice I rang Canon to enquire about this problem. The first time after having pressed all the buttons I was cut off, on the second attempt the female techie that I was talking to spoke so quietly that I had a job to hear her and I had to as her to speak louder.
During our conversation she asked me for my email address and said that she found some drivers and would email me that information. 

You know what! I am still waiting! 

I am in a quandary now as to whether to sell the camera and buy another one but most definitely not a Canon.

I await guidance from you my readers.


  1. That is so annoying. 'Fraid I haven't got any solutions except maybe to access the Canon website to see if you can find for yourself the drivers she mentioned and download them. Hope you manage to sort it soon. I wouldn't sell your camera just yet.

  2. I took a very important photo with my phone, the only picture taking object at hand at the time. At home I stuck the cable in the computer and waited around for a program to load. Then I looked for a drive to load. Then I read all the help lines, tried the work arounds, failed. Yep, LG makes a phone that takes pictures, but is too low tech to add or make a driver.

    Perhaps you can down grade to your last OS. At least to capture all those pictures on a flash drive.

    Looks like little hair to pull out.

  3. Hmmm, I have the same problem with my old HP printer and new mac software. Sadly, there comes a point when the developers just stop making drivers from older models. I don't know how old your canon is, but this could be the reason. Still it's worth doing a bit more digging to see if you can find a site that produces drivers - or as Molly says, the Canon website might have some already. It's very annoying, though, isn't it?

    1. I have been to the Canon site and there are only drivers for printers and scanners. I entered my camera type & all it said was coming later. It is all very well for them but time is passing by at a rapid rate and I have little patience with slow technologists :)

  4. My problem with regard to publishing photo's has been overcome as I have been loaned an SD Card Reader- yippee!

  5. a sd card reader will do it. But search your mac for 'image capture' this is also a workaround I have the same camera as you and OS

    1. Thank you very much William it works a treat & now I can return the Card Reader to it's owner.