Thursday, 5 July 2012

Brú na Bóinne & exhibition extra's

The silent stone that greets visitors.

The ornate entrance gates with a triple spiral design.

From the car park the approach to the visitor
centre is via a sloping pathway covered by a

Along the entrance path the trees and shrubs are named
and the Ogham hieroglyph is shown when appropriate.

The view of the ancient monument from the upper floor of
the visitor centre, in the bottom left corner of photo the river Boyne
can be glimpsed.

Flor who kindly modelled for
the God Manannán

Flor & partner moved by the painting
perhaps ?

The Healing God Dian Cecht witnesses a téte á téte
between lovers !


  1. what a lovely post, I love the God Manannán painting.

  2. Flor looks so amazingly like the God Manannan they could be the same person :0)

  3. Touching moments, Mel. This is the power of art!