Monday, 18 June 2012

Exhibition: The Ever-Living Ones

Looking to the left from the centre

Looking to the right from the centre

Appreciative onlookers

Card Stall  
The fellow in the red hat was brought over from England
by friends who made the trip especially to see J's work
and the basket of flowers were sent to J by Lady North who 
lives on a Canadian island.

The artist J now relaxes.

Link to J's blog :


  1. Absolutely stunning work.. A woman of sincere talent.. Congratulations on your splendid show.

  2. TRISTRAM said:

    truly awesome => Lady Jane the art work is forever
    your choice is impeccable ;SIR !! !!.....

    HUGE congratulations
    best wishes for lengthy success deep into future...


  3. Congratulations! It all looked like it went wonderfully and Jane you look amazing and happy yourself! Very happy you got to display your beautiful art! Well done :)

  4. Wow, Mel, this is truly a beautiful exhibition of J's work. I was really interested to read she was born in West Africa too. I have a personal love of Africa and believe that people who are touched by it also have heightened sensitivity to things of a spiritual nature. J looks happy and fulfilled in the photo and so she should. You must be very proud!

  5. Thank you for your comment Val.

    I hold J's skills as an artist in high esteem, plus it is her dedication to this 6 year project, the exactitude in regard to the mythological research which greatly impresses me - as facts are checked & re-checked; in other words no stone is left unturned but turned many times.

  6. Absolutely fabulous. We were unable to get to the launch as we have a number of problems at this end but we will get there before the end of June. You both look fantastic and Jane your art is breathtaking.

  7. Finally got a moment to visit blogs, absolutely stunning I agree! So interesting to hear that she does the research as well!

  8. Great show; I hope she sold well. Appreciation is always welcome, but what is most appreciated is when folk are willing to back it up with cash. Please forward my best wishes. Cro (who hardly ever sold anything).

  9. Looks like this was a great show. Love the art!

  10. Great art work and love the little man in the red hat.


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