Thursday, 16 February 2012

SPRING has Returned !

It was seeing these delightful daffodils blooming on the north side of our garden the other day that renewed and refreshed my energies.

The financial doom and gloom that still pervades this country has not lessened, for our government is trying very hard to squeeze the last brass cent from those of us who inhabit
rural areas with mad-cap schemes.

However Mother Nature buoys us all up by providing an increase of verdant growth and the lawn mowers will soon be heard for the grass is lengthening, the crows are nesting and their young will soon be seen, as will those of smaller birds and we shall soon be taking our early morning coffee on to the patio to sit in glorious sunshine.

At the start of the last winter I made a promise to myself that I would replace the name sign of our cottage and so I visited a local joinery firm to look through their off cuts and provide my self with a suitably shaped sign.

On having found a semi-circular piece I then planned the layout and drew the letters by hand
showing them to Mrs H for her artistic approval [I know my lowly place :-) ] and so my friends
below is the work in hand, eventually the letters will all be filled with enamel paint and then the whole board painted with several coats of UV Yacht varnish before hanging on the front wall.

Our name board


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the finished plaque, it is going to be lovely. We are still arguing over what ours should be nade of LOL

  2. So good to see daffodils out. I like your name plaque too

  3. Nicely, Nicely! you have to show us when its painted and varnished! I can't wait for spring and summer, will try and spend more of it outside this year too :)

  4. My daffs are only just poking their heads through the earth, so good to see yours in flower. I love the name of your cottage and can't wait to see the finished plaque xxx

  5. Birgit said:
    What a great sight of spring!
    Here in the Black Forest where I´am staying for 4 weeks it's still a real winter.

  6. Daffodils in February? Is this a normal thing for Ireland? We usually see ours in April, though the ridiculously warm winter might pop them early this year.


  7. Well normally the daffodils bloom in March, the ones in our front garden which is more exposed are still in bud and so will flower during March.

  8. I love homes that have names.... it makes me feel that the owners or residents have a deep care for their surroundings.. and the place has its own personality.. and your place certainly does..

    I am looking longingly at your blooms... I simply can't wait!!!

  9. The seasons seem a bit progressive this month, I've already seen crowberry, bogbean, madder, henbit, rib, marweed, moonhide and lordandlady :)