Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My February Moan

an afternoon nap

There are times when in the warmth of a good fire I sit in an easy chair with a cap pulled over my eyes to cut out the light and take an afternoon nap. The images that flow into the front of my mind

are nought but an omelette of thoughts mixed with memories. The half to one hours relaxation or rather recuperation from this insanely troubled land energises me.

There are negative things happening on this island for our political servants are behaving in ways that increasingly create conditions that are socially subversive.

Medical services have been cut to the bare bones, lots of people on trollies and many operations delayed.

Unemployment is currently 439,600 out of a population of 4.5 million plus the shocking news is that 15% of the population are suffering from food poverty.

Emigration is currently running at about 3,000 per month.

I was dismayed to learn the other day of an "under the radar" increase of 62% to the dog licence rising from €12.50 to €20.00 per annum. Now we are penalised for having guard dogs or pets.

I am seriously wondering how much more deprivation the people here will accept.


  1. Things are bad here too, but as the millionaires sitting round the cabinet table say 'we are all in it together', well, that makes all the difference then to those struggling to keep their heads above water xxx

  2. Oh Yes I know . Same things here. Our fuel prices are hitting the roof. Food prices are the same. wages are the only thing comming down. Very depressing. Self sufficiency, that is the answer. the government has no control over what you can grow in your garden. Get some hens and dig up the lawn. You'll have fun if nothing else.

  3. It's a hard world out there. I like just to sit by the fire after the day's work's done too and just do nothing.

  4. ...seems to have gone viral as that sounds like our province.. everything has gone stupid!

  5. My God, this is sounding aweful. So sorry to hear it. In Australia it is so hard to really know what is going on elsewhere, but I have noticed a hell of a lot of Brits in this land. I wish I could say it will get better soon, but from what I see in the media, I think it is really just going to get worse for you and this will affect us too. Are you in Ireland?

  6. I would like to consult George Orwell, that's all I can think of to say. Happy Napping to you all the same.

  7. My thanks to you all for your comments. I am starting to believe that the economic depression that is being experienced in some countries is part of a conspiracy, contrived by one of those G groups of world financiers that meet from time to time in order to make them feel powerful.

  8. Yes dear MF I am indeed in Ireland

  9. Heron,
    That is a rate that I don't think Ireland has seen since the early 80s, both in terms of unemployment and emigration. I do remember,however, that there was a huge black market economy in Ireland in the 80s and that the official unemployment records did not accurately reflect what was going on. Is this still true, or has that shifted as well? Either way, it is depressing because it also adds a tremendous tax burden on the workers who are on the official books, much like the 80s. Here in Canada, we are losing more and more manufacturing jobs, but the picture is not so bleak. No crazy mortgage schemes were ever allowed here, so no defaults and therefore foreclosure, etc... The economy is not stellar and many levels of government are cutting back, but at least the real estate and housing situation is still stable and actually continues to hold its own. I do hope the G8s or however many Gs there are now get their houses in order so that ordinary people do not suffer more than they have to. All the best to you in thee hard times. xx AM


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