Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In Our Back Garden

I thought today to give you a short tour of the back garden that you might see the hidden places and share with you the beauty of our Woodbine/Honeysuckle whose fragrance today is filling our home with its seductive perfume.

Looking south

The woodbine has never grown to this height before!

I call this fellow Seamus Fig (I think you can see why ?)
He stands behind the raspberry bushes next to the fence.

This beauty sits under the hawthorns silent and gold
amongst the green. Sometimes at night she is
illuminated by candles.

Here the wizened wizard casts his spells
aided by his book of lore.


  1. How wonderful, I love your statuettes. I'm glad you showed the woodbine, I was thinking of planting one on my new trellis, but I fear it would grow too large.
    Lovely to have the fields just over your gate, you must stand and lose yourself in that peaceful view I'm sure.

  2. Hello Kath, If we didn't have the space to let the woodbine ramble, we would have kept it trimmed.
    The view over the fields helps to expand my thoughts and sometimes shrinks them too :)

  3. Honeysuckle is beautiful - and the fragrance - just breathe it all in -lovely. We have some on the wall of our house. BTW I have a new blogsite address - someothermountain.blogspot.com - would love you to pop over if you have time.

  4. Lovely! Our honeysuckle hasn't bloomed yet! Love your statues...

  5. What a gorgeous garden, Mel. I love honeysuckle. It reminds me of my childhood in my grandparents' garden. My grandfather was a great gardener and his little world was a full of heavenly scents like jasmine and honeysuckle. I love your statues too. Yours must be a beautiful peaceful place.

  6. Hello Val, yes it is a very peaceful place except when the silage is being cut
    and then the tractors are still working till 2 in the morning!
    I am though not a particularly good gardener or even that keen on growing stuff, which is just as well for there is no depth of soil beneath the grass:)

  7. Awesome yard! Hubby upkeeps ours now, well I water when I feel up to it :)

  8. thank you for the glimpse into your garden life, Mel!