Friday, 27 May 2011

My Poetry

On Thursday I created a new blog called Words of a Rambling Mind which will eventually host 99% of my poetry representing thirty years of inspired writing.

Last year I made an audio disc on my mac which only partially satisfied my desire to share with about twenty people my work.

Recently I made the decision to share the majority of them with the world of blog readers, as I saw no advantage in them lying in my desk and gathering dust.

Over the years most have been published in various magazines and others in an anthology that was published in the mid eighties called Vision of Words.

This morning I received a surprise mail from a lady in America saying how uplifted & revitalized she felt after reading one of them. I was humbled by her words and it supported my idea of sharing. For if only one person gets pleasure, then all of this will be worthwhile.


  1. Glad you were warmed by a reader and admirer of your poetry and I shall go and visit your new blog, what a good idea.

  2. Thank you Lizzie. It is going to take several days to put even 90% of them up on-line :)

  3. What a lovely idea, Mel, and so good to know your poetry has touched someone so far away. I am not a great reader of poetry on the whole, but I shall be sure to visit you blog.


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