Saturday, 26 March 2011


I am back on-line temporarily with my own computer, it was returned on Thursday having had a new hard drive fitted. Then came the task of re-installing documents and software, it was during the latter procedure that a new fault became apparent in that the 'puter was unable to eject an installation disc ! So next morning saw us back on the phone to mac help, the outcome being that it will have to be returned to their repair people.

During the time that I was without my beloved 'puter neither my brain nor hands were idle, as the pics below show. First was the erecting of a new shelf that was cut from a board which was once part of a friends dining table - imagine if it could talk what stories it might tell and of how many times it was washed with wine.

The second project was to make a set of wooden curtains (shutters) for the window of the third oldest room of this cottage. Previously we had fabric curtains & then a venetian blind, none of these were truly satisfactory. So I had an idea of doing something very different and decorating individual boards using pyrography by putting ourselves & our "companions" into the design.
Whilst the new computer glitch is being attended to I shall be applying a protective coating of linseed oil, which over time will slowly darken the wood and increase the contrast between the illustrations and the bare areas.

Wooden Curtains

Self smoking pipe

Mrs H's morning ritual

The new shelf with a painting by me


  1. I have to agree that blind Venetians are never much good at anything useful! Love your wooden alternatives which look really super. What a grand idea! Wooden shutters also have the added attraction of helping with insulation to some extent.

  2. oh wow they are gorgeous Dad! Bet they really enhance that room!? xx

  3. Mel your talents are many! I love them too and very clever idea! easier to dust too hehehe I didnt know you were into painting,very nicely done all round Mel cudos Debs

  4. the wooden curtains are lovely. love the picture on them. is it of you and mrs h in the garden?

  5. Wonderful to see you making real shutters! I love them! Gorgeous. So sorry to hear your macpooter is giving trouble...they're not supposed to do that. Mine is an oldie but a goodie and I wouldn't survive long without it.

  6. Excellent work, Mel!
    There is life beyond the have proved it!

  7. I didn't realize that You paint... wow what a painting!

  8. My style of paintings are closely linked to the type of poems that I construct. In that the illustration is a visual expression and the poems are verbal pictures.

  9. Wow! I would never be that productive if someone simply took my computer away. If they also took my TV and all my books, however, I might consider digging in my dusty creativity...


  10. oh lovely work.. Painting and shutters.. beautiful!... It feels good to be creative doesn't it?

    ... and look at your daffodils.. this is a month ago and mine here in Canada just look like that now.!!


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