Wednesday, 15 July 2009


It gives me pleasure to share the photographs of just six items from Lucy's exhibition with her kind permission .

The Pictorial Arts fascinate me, particularly visual displays, whether they be paintings or sculptures. Photography films/videos I can leave beyond the door of my mind, their themes are too rigid for me.

Take me to a gallery, lead me into another world, the world of patterns and dreams.

There leave me to seek my own world, to find an interpretation that is singular and unique to me alone. To reach an inner understanding that speaks to my soul and connects me to that which is portrayed in front of my eyes. Such is my relationship formed with the works of artists and the spirit of their interpretations.

Ballet, modern or classical, does the same to me as does the music. It is all there shapes, colours, movement, rhythms and sound; it leads me away into another dimension where my spirit uplifted soars free beyond the mundane.

These last few days I have frequently been revisiting in my mind, the ceramic art

of Lucy Dolan's exhibition 'Soul Sight' in The Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford city.

For her works similarly moved me out and into sempiternal space, to dwell upon the textures, glazes and colours, shaped to the composition of each piece.

I was in awe, all was pleasing to the eye and yet each demanded that extra attention be given by the viewer to gaze for a 2nd, 3rd & 4th look, to think, dwell upon and meditate. I would live with each of them had I wall space and room!

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