Saturday, 11 July 2009

Goddess of Goodness

A surprise invitation arrived a few days ago from a friend, who has an exhibition of her ceramic inspirations, being held in Garter Lane in the City of Waterford. So this evening will see us driving to this famous waterside city especially to see the exhibition called Soul Sights. Waterford is mainly noted for crystal glass ware and differently, for me especially it hosts a retailer of Belgian Chocolate. For those mouth watering delights, I have been known to drive for two hours merely to indulge my taste buds.

Switzerland is another country also known for fine quality chocolate, that fact leads me on to Tuesday of this week. When a Swiss friend Ms. CW arrived on our doorstep for a visit; We had last seen each other during the summer of 1996. Unlike myself she had no visible facial changes, I had brownish hair then and now it is almost silver. Our talks were as you can imagine on all manner of subjects, including the afore mentioned dark delight. To which CW diplomatically agreed that yes Belgium is also a chocolate country.

Which will no doubt satisfy Marie P. a young friend of mine, whose culinary skills as a chocolatier produces a wonderful Belgian chocolate mousse, which she gives to her friends at Midwinter, a cheery dish whose every spoonful encourages me to have more!I Do hope that Marie is reading this and if ever she needs a reference, then my mere memory will effuse regarding her superior skills and beauty.

To be honest I have to admit that the Goddess of Goodness has given me many talented friends, companions and acquaintances. For only last Sunday when visiting The Farmers Market at Emo, Co Laoise. I met Sheila behind a stall named The Druids Pantry, (hadn't seen her for years) another talented person with culinary skills that whetted my appetite and I came away loaded with wonderful Dips. Namely Smoky Red Pepper Pesto, Caponata - a aubergine & tomato spread and a great Hummus containing Lemon & Corrinder - thus Sunday lunch for this veggie was sorted.

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