Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Documentary - Lugh

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About two years ago I, along with my druid grove, took part in the making of a documentary film about Lugh, the Irish God Of Light, the theory being that he came as a comet appearing in the western sky. This concept is explored in the film made by Tile Films of Dublin.

                             You can watch the film Déithe na Spéire (OS & GS)

 on tonight at 21.30pm.

Enjoy !                              

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  1. Shame, I can't get it. Do you think it might be on line somewhere? X

    1. Yes it is check this into your browseréithe%20na%20Spéire&series=Déithe%20na%20Spéire

  2. I just accessed it on the TG4 website and look forward to watching it here in Sydney!
    Well done to all involved!

    1. Thanks Grace. Am sure you will enjoy the programme and recognise a few faces.

  3. A clear example of how a religion can spread and take hold through fear. The whole film was very interesting and I hope that many will have found it thought provoking.
    So many sacred sites that I would like to visit.
    It was nice to put a voice to the face Mel.

    1. Thank you for your observations and clarity of thought Irene. Yes there are many interesting historic sites to visit and I haven't visited all of them yet.
      You saw us on film for only a few minutes and to achieve them took several retakes e'r almost to the point exhaustion. We did though have a great party afterwards !


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