Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Richard Briers - R.I.P.

Richard Briers

I was extremely sorry to read about the passing of Richard Briers. 
Here was a man whose boyish looks and twinkling eyes, held us, his viewers enthralled and entertained throughout his long career.

My first encounter with this actor was through the BBC series ‘The Good Life’ in which he played the part of Tom Good, the husband of Barbara (Felicity Kendall). 
They portrayed a middle-class, suburban couple who together decided to escape the 
rat race by setting up a small holding, complete with a hens and a pig in their back garden.

Felicity Kendall & Richard
Barbara & Tom Good

I am sure that hundreds of viewers were inspired through this wonderful comedy to virtually emulate them, in a real life situation of going it alone, by growing their own vegetables, having hens and living it green. 

Please enjoy


In memory of Richard Briers 14 January 1934 – 17 February 2013. 


  1. A nicely written tribute Mel, RB was much loved and inspired many people. He also narrated the "Roobarb and custard" cartoon, after whom my dog was named.

  2. He was a staple of Saturday night BritComs on PBS. All replaced by not so interesting mysteries.

  3. Rightly described as a 'National Treasure'. I miss him already.

  4. Thank you so much for the link, Mel. I have just been charmed all over again. What a great show it was and what incredibly nice people. Richard Briars was very well loved by millions. I hope he's leading the Good Life wherever his big heart has gone.