Tuesday, 15 January 2013


My friend Ita and I share the same birthday and often have a joint celebration, I should stress that there are several years of difference between us, however that day is the 9th of January.

The niner's at play

Started at 3pm when our friends arrived some of whom where musicians and we partied away for 12 and half hours before falling into bed. It was a brilliant time of song music and dance; the nominated photographer slipped into the joviality and the consequence is that very few pics were taken.

Musicians in session
Charles on the harmonica, Seamus on the accordion
and Colm Mac Con Iommaire on the fiddle

Sean-nós dance is an older style of traditional 
solo Irish dance and is a casual dance form. 

Took place on the 12th January at 3pm for those who were unable to make the one on the 9th, this one was minus musicians and it focused mainly around a Storyteller who arrived and sat in the kitchen entertaining guests by the telling his tales for most of the night, similar to the first party this one went on till gone 4 in the morning!
I have gloriously celebrated my 70th birthday and am looking forward now to my 150th !

If I had any doubts this card sure told me

The grand collection of cards

A special gift from Lucy
representing Earth, Air, Fire & Water
her web site

Ita and I wish to thank everyone who attended both parties, because we know that some of you travelled many miles from all over the isle of Ireland to be with us; our very special thanks and appreciation go to Mrs H whose organising ability astounded us ! 

A wonderful event took place in Birmingham City Children’s Hospital on January 9th 1943 at approximately 0520, the timing, place and date were unique for it marked the umpteenth rebirth of Me. Little did I realise at the time that a warm welcome heralded my arrival, for evidently several resounding blasts were heard in the locality.

These were caused by the Birmingham Blitz of heavy bombing by the then enemy (9 August 1940 - 23 April 1943). Overall, about 2,000 tons of bombs were dropped on Birmingham making it the fourth most heavily bombed city in the United Kingdom. Is it any wonder then that sound of a propeller driven plane flying at night has always awakened me?

Happier events though were around the corner when hostilities ceased and chocolate, biscuits and other goodies became available and better still, we departed from ‘Brum’ in 1946 to soft and sleepy Somerset.


  1. A very belated happy birthday Mel and may you have another 70 years. Looks like you had a wonderful party. I'm sixty this year and looking forward to my free bus pass. will be all over Scotland with it OH Boy!
    Love and Hugs Margaret xxx

  2. Happy Birthday, sounds like you celebrated it quite properly!

  3. Hey Mr Heron, Happy Birthday! My Mum was born during the blitz and she turned 70 this year. (Geminoid)
    Apparently her Aunty saved her life by throwing herself over my Mum's pram during an air raid, in the back yard of their house. Happenchance it is that I am posting a comment on your blog tonight.
    Have a great day. X Sarah

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to you, it looks like you had a great time.

  5. Well dang,belated happy birthday! I don't seem to remember folks' birthdays lol looks like you all had a heck of a great time and so very glad to see the photos!!

  6. Looks like a wonderful party, I hope in true Irish style, there was at least one Auntie who got up to sing!
    Happy birthday Mel and many more in the future xx

    1. Am a bit confuzzled as to whether I ought now to address you as Aunty Kath? :-)

  7. A very very happy seventieth year, Mel. It sounds as if you had a truly wonderful time. I wish I'd been able to share the music with you too! I'm afraid I'm not good enough at fiddling yet, but I will be one day. I love the idea of a birthday like that!

  8. Happy Birthday, Mel! My partner turns seventy years old this year, too, but not until October. I am also a niner, as in 9th February, so my day is quickly approaching.
    This entire post brought on big smiles. Thank you for sharing and I wish I could have been there!

  9. A very Happy Belated Birthday Mel. Looks like you had a great time and the sort of evenings that Pete and I enjoy xxx

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