Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lazy summery days

Some days we just sit and watch the grass grow for neither of us are keen on gardening, that is in the accepted sense as we prefer mother nature to do her stuff and it is only when we cannot find one of the cats that the grass gets cut.

The uncut grass

my favourite sunglasses

Mrs H relaxes

Today was one of those days when we sat on the sunny south side and enjoyed the sun from mid morning right through until She (moon) showed through with a coronet of cloud around her.

She moon

Just as the day was cooling our nearest neighbour brought us six fresh eggs from his hens. It was a timely gift and provided us with a tea of scrambled eggs hot buttered toast.


  1. Sounds idyllic. I would love to be able to leave my grass uncut, but the town has unsightly premises laws and deems long grass to be unsightly...strange. Your time in the sun must have been wonderful. In eastern Canada, we are still clutched by late winter, though spring is in view. Mrs. H is're a lucky man!

  2. Oh to be able to move slowly through life, cosseted by the sun's gentle warmth. I'm jealous of you two and your long grass, and sunglasses.

  3. I hope you found the cat before you mowed the grass!

  4. The latest buzzword for letting the grass grow is 'permaculture' good to see you are up with the latest gardening techniques! Everyone needs a chilling day in the sun, enjoy xxxx

  5. We should all take advantage... after a Spring like this, it'll probably now rain till July.

  6. Birgit H said: Hi, what wonderful pics of you enjoying the sun and celebrating life!
    Have you recognised on the pic with Mrs H, that the flower looks as if been between her toes:-D?
    I love very much the way you go for life and the way you just be with the good things. For me from far it looks a like a wonderful and very relaxed way. You are role model in the art of making life good, not putting pressure on yourself.
    An Art I undergo and need training in.

  7. I say, Mrs HV is a looker! cheekbones to die for. A very stylish lady.

  8. The best of teas - fresh scrambled eggs and hot buttered toast - mmmmm!

  9. I like your style of gardening and the sunglasses. :-)

  10. Tristram in Stratford Ont.Canada said :Posting : and agreeing ; totally ! there is a mystic charm
    in the melody >> MELody of the growing swaying grasses
    akin enough to a lulaby for the wise of bearded
    seniors Might be a "Symphony of Contemplation "

    Sir you are a joy to know.... Slante with flagons UP

  11. Haha! Summer's arrived on the boannie emerald isle! Creaky, love da pics, and da sun shades!!!
    Typing this comment as we're delving back into a very arctic world here over the next two days... Enjoy!

  12. I see I'm late here because Summer's already over ;) It was delightfully warm here too a week or more ago. Now it is cold, and I mean really cold, again. I shall bask in the warmth of your photos :) By the way, I also prefer a natural garden, but the grass I do try and cut...or should I say the weed patch!

    1. Our early summer soon terminated too and I will eventually get the mower out (wink!)

  13. Wonderful! Lovely blog; I've just found you, and am now following ~ ♥♥

  14. Lovely post is this :-) are you getting all the wild windy, wet weather we are at the moment now too?