Saturday, 16 April 2011


Is this the world that we desire

Of hunger, war and fire,

Of toil, spoil and waste.

A system created to create

A world of greed, speed and hate.

Can we stop, arrest the cause

Without causing pain or arising havocs.

To deftly change here to there.

Redirect resources - from

Full bellied western folk - to

Hollowed eyed hungry children

And create a proper balance ?

I wrote the above forty years ago circa 1970. Today I was awoken in the early hours of the morning by my own words, " of hunger, war and fire", reverberating through my sleeping mind until I awoke and rifled through my notebooks to dig them out.

Unfortunately the words I wrote all those years ago are still true today. In yesteryear I was short sighted & only aimed my poem towards the plight of the children in Africa and India.

Now in 2011, I realize they can just as easily apply to children and their parents who live in countries, judged by international financiers as being amongst the wealthy, developed nations of the world.

Tell me, how can we make a difference ?


  1. By the ripple effect...see, you already have made a difference....

  2. How do we make a difference indeed, It is such an important question and one that is there in the thoughts of every consiously living person. Guilt can be so paralyzing and overwhelming, and over the years I have come to realise, although I am only one person, how we live our lives and how we choose to act has a very great impact on our surroundings. Sometimes that happens instantly, and sometimes it takes many years. So volunteer to help where you can, fundraise if thats your thing, show kindness, especially when its sometimes difficult.If there is arrogance or disrepect, inject a little thoughfulness, don't take a self righteous stance, we all have our failings, and the high horse brigade are hard for most people to stomach. Do remember that every little thing you do matters. You don't have to proclaim every thing you share, but share your blessings, be aware of who needs help but is unable to ask, quitely go about your day working to make a difference in others lives and not just your own for the better. That to me is what living consciously is about, and the ripples will travel far and wide.

  3. Well said both, and I know sometimes I have thoughts of getting out of this awefull time period and crossing over early,but then I think there is no way I want to go through any of these life lessons that I have had to crawl through ever I push on...I pray for others and ask blessings..not sure what else I can do for others, I send healing but it all seems like so little when there is such a big mess everywhere you look. We need a miracle,that and I have to stop watching the news ..big sighs, Debs

  4. Debs sending healing is a wonderful thing, holding energy for those who can't or won't is a hugely important task, even though it is physically invisible to most.
    One of the most important aspects of changing the world, our attitudes, thought processes and the desparete inequality throughout this planet is to teach out children, whether you are a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, or good neighbour, our children are our greatest hope for the future. We will be around for such a short time, teach your children that all peoples need to be respected. To be able to share, to care that someone else has not got what they have. To offer gratitude, every night to connect to a spiritual aspect, or religous if thats your thing and know that ultimately we are all sisters and brothers, and to hurt another is to hurt oneself. When you teach your children to care for the earth and its inhabitants, people, animals, plants, enviroments, you gift a child with a respect that will always be an integral part of them no matter what path they choose to tread in later life. You remind them of their soul connection, which in most children is already so strong, and the truth is they could teach us a thing or too :-), So don't ever stop what you are doing, every little step adds up, every energy shift is cumulative and every physically helping hand, certainly does make a difference. I have been blessed in my life to recieve the kindness of a total stranger, They will never know the difference it made, but I will :-) le grá mór

  5. Thank you for your thoughts and comments, which I truly appreciate. I do find it difficult at times to take an optimistic approach to this subject. When there is so much suffering in the world, but realise that each individual can only do so much.

  6. These comments are such beautiful thoughts on a difficult subject. They create hope....