Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sign of the Times

I have been given an Award by a follower of this blog.

It asks me to say seven things about myself and to forward it on to seven new bloggers.

There are two things I feel I can share as I'm quite a private person:

The first is: that I am the fifteenth cousin of the writer William Makepeace Thackeray via my paternal grandmother.

The second thing is: I am not really into awards. I write a blog to express my inner thoughts and share some of the things that interest me.

So my thanks to Kim for thinking of me however, please all of you, pass the Awards to those who can accommodate them because I cannot :)

A Lone Sentinel

My time is now taken up with a few odd jobs and the political situation in Ireland has borne down upon me, for I am finding it difficult enough to attend to day to day matters, including the immanent celebration of Imbolc next week.

I have had to give myself a good inward talking to.

To put the show on the road as it were, for last week I felt almost like ignoring this important festival.

Today as I looked out of the window I observed that Mother Nature has taken a hand to raise three tiny snowdrops, in the otherwise winter ravaged grass of the front lawn. The snowdrops stand as lonely sentinels, these the first flowers of the year, an advanced guard to those later larger blooms that will stand tall to adorn lawns and woodland banks. Displaying to us the colour of bright sunlight yellow.

I long once again for warm weather and to feel the heat of the sun on my old back; for I have between this and the last blog gained another year and seven oh is drawing closer… not that inside I feel any different from when I was thirty-five and sometimes twenty-one!

Rather than ask you, my readers, to tell me seven things about yourself, what I'd really like to know is: How old do you feel inside ?


  1. I hope you feel more together and cheerful soon. Perhaps another visit to your grandson might boost you? I think when I have grandchildren I might suffer separation type symptoms. How old do I feel inside? I'm a Spring Chicken not a withered old rock chick of course!

  2. Since the birth of Oliver (15 weeks old for those who don't know me!) I've felt a range of ages inside............. from feeling at least 100 with lack of sleep & sheer overwhelmness of the fantastic but scary responsibility of being a parent to feeling like a young child again looking at life throught the small but very excitable eyes of my son whos every experience is brand new & so exciting! what do I want to feel age wise .... well right where I am at 39 is the most wonderful place I have ever been although my knees would quite like to be 21 again!! xx

  3. Mel, I know you are not into awards and your blog speaks of awards without the monaker 'award' winning blog..but I wanted to let my favorite bloggy buddies who might not know you find your blog and relish in the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of it. I've got some really great blogging buddies...poets, artists, writers, crafters who will appreciate your mind as I do! Some already know you, some are about to discover you, my friend.
    I don't know what age I feel. I don't think I ever felt an 'age'.

  4. I feel different ages at different times and right now amid all this cold and snow and arthritis pain my body feels 80 while my mind feels a heck of a lot younger lol the summer is looking mighty good, considering we are under another severe storm watch...time to grab my nice fuzzy blanket and a good book then curl up in my fav chair :) warm hugs from very chilly southern Ontario Debs

  5. Mel, aren't you still in the throes of winter? Do you really have flowers that grow out of the ground in the freezing cold?

  6. Kim,
    Winter is over actually, for the First Day of February is seen here as the first day of Spring.
    Snow acts as an insulation blanket to the earth and the snowdrop bulbs are quite deep down about 9 inches, they are also quite hardy seemingly not affected by the severe frosts.


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