Saturday, 9 October 2010

Almost finished !

I do understand if some followers had started to believe that this had become yet another neglected blog.... it hasn't; it is just that I have been busy elsewhere. I shall be back to my normal style of blogging very soon - in fact I am working on the next one already.

Our new meditation space is virtually complete, apart from the boards which need to be coated, a carpet laid, the choosing of two small table lamps and large cushions.

Specifically today I am showing the hatch raising mechanism made from recycled materials.
Incidentally the varnished boards on the end wall, were once part of a friends hotpress. (thank you Ms R). The wheel was part of the belt drive on a twin-tub, the cord the from a washing line and the ideas from my old head :)

I see one of those mysterious orbs has managed to
interject it's self into the picture

The electrical socket: I placed in a recess to
lessen it's intrusion.

The room beneath.

The large silver glass ball provides tension to the cord and pulling it downwards raises the hatch. The ball was given to us years ago and it looks as if it was once an expensive christmas decoration.

The opened hatch.

The closing gadget.

The closing gadget is an old mop handle with a brass coat hanger screwed to the pole, this idea came from my childhhood memories of having seen the Lamplighters go around the streets
with their long poles lighting the gas lamps, they had a very similar looking gadget.

That's all for now and normal service will be resumed very shortly.


  1. What a fabulous space, I can see why you are using it as a meditation area. Clever you for your pulley system.

  2. Aren't you inventive.. Looks like it is all coming together.. bet it feels good!

  3. my Papa(paternal grandfather)...served as a Lamplighter when he first came to this land...thank You for re-Hearting me of this...
    in the flow of constant connections!

  4. fantastic job mel, look forward to my next visit will be armed with samples of jellies and chutneys. The pully system is great, you could think of decorating the Bauble seasonly.....Hope Mrs H is feeling a lot better, lots of tummy bugs here and vomiting, poor kids, but poor mammy has to do all the cleaning up. the joys :-)

  5. I am sure you've been missed. Old head may be, but how ingenious. I have aspirations for my own loft but for a couple of years hence, but I shall remember how you've gone about it.

  6. Yes, Mel, you have been missed but I surmised that you were busy with your projects for that wonderful cottage. I saw the orb straight away when I scrolled to that picture! Happy spiriting is going on in your abode! Can't wait for more installments.

  7. I always love when people adapt objects cleverly. Looking forward to reading more from you soon.


  8. All I can say is "Wow".
    I also know what it means to be busy.
    Enjoy that special place you call home and something more.