Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bealtainne - May

A decorated Maybush

The blossoming May tree with a well hidden
in it's roots.

Mare with a foal that was born
on 5th May

A possible Grand National winner ??

New Chest of Drawers !

I get an earthy sense of May or Bealtainne, as it is in Irish Gaelic, a few days before the start of the month, a quickening or enlivening of the inner self, so much so that I understand what is meant in the old poem about 'the merry month of May'. For yes, I feel Merry and slightly Loopy - actually it is with me now as I write this blog :-)

There are many folk traditions throughout Ireland and indeed Europe to do with the this month, too many for me to do them justice. Locally in the mountains the Maybush is still decorated with rags, ribbons and egg shells and some people get up early in the morning to wash their face and hands in the dew.

The swallows have returned though there are few near us, so I am wondering whether this is may be a portend for bad weather. I did see a huge amount of them on the West coast the other week and I heard a Cuckoo there too and I have yet to hear one near us this year.

I have been rather busy this last week assisting Mrs Heron rearranging and redecorating the roost (bedroom) The colour she chose is I am told Ashes of Roses, though to me it is a sort of lilac-pink, which I find amusing because it is similar to what it once was before herself deigned to migrate from Brighton (UK) to join me on this sacred island. As they say here 'What goes round comes round' and that is true.

Being a simple male little did I realize at the time I agreed to assist, that it was not going to be just a paint job or that it would entail the purchase of new curtains, bed-coverings, a chest of drawers and a decorative cushion solely to catch the light! To be honest though it does look and feel rather more comfortable than it did. I think this transition has much to do with the change of energies it being Bealtainne.


  1. I am so delighted you joined my blog. I am enjoying yours very much..I have much Irish in me and just a minute ago have been working again on my genealogy...I am always working on it and just when I think I have hit a brick wall..boom I get back to it and find more of what I was looking for. Your photos are exquisite and I love the way you write and the words you use. Thank you for letting me take a peek into your world. I will be back often. Kim
    P.S. My friend from England and I were just talking on the phone today about Brighton, UK. I too, observe and think and write about what interests me!

  2. Beauty Being! Bealtainne!

  3. Brighton is my UK town, but I choose to live in France. Sounds like Mrs H prefers Ireland. At every turn I find THIS spring very special. There's certainly something in the air!

    Greetings to Mrs H too, Cro.

  4. Hi Mel, I like your loopy post with its usual eclectic mix of observations! I also LOVE the chest of drawers. it would go perfectly in my little weekend cottage here in Westdorpe, Zeeuws Vlaanderen. Spring has come very late here. Nomally I am able to plant out peonies and begonias in early April, but it's really only just warm enough now. I love escaping here as my floating home is in the middle of Rotterdam and so chances of seeing even a blade of fresh grass are few. I look forward to the day when I can watch out for the swallows in some more rural Cro Magnon, I would prefer it to be France though.

  5. Lovely read as always Mr. H! The new bedroom colour is scrumptious. Mrs. H has created a sensual world for you in there. Blessings and love.

  6. 'Ashes of Roses'! I like they very concept that someone would set fire to a rose in the first place, just to see what the ashes look like. Isn't 'Beltane' a winter, fire festival here in England?

  7. Ah, one thing I love about the UK is respect for May...and love whitethorn as well! Why eggshells?

  8. Tom !
    You are getting confused with Samhain, which is the winter fire festival and the Modern Irish name for the month of November. Just as Bealtainne is the Modern Irish name for May.

  9. ...something so sweet and adorable about a long legged foal on a fresh spring morning... makes one smile and think that Life is Good!!

  10. Beautiful photos. Thanks for the Modern Irish lesson too, did not know about the naming of the months before.The energy does indeed change at this time of year and its just lovely.

  11. Lovely blog Mel... whitethorn with a well under it...sound like a bit of magic there.

  12. Dorset May is very late this year,so no gathering flowers for brandy on the first of the month.The cuckoo however has been with us since well back in April and the swallows arrived not long after.We have seen no skylarks and no foals as yet .Our foals will definitely not run in th Grand National as they are fathered by an Appollusion or a very chunky Romany stallion.No matter they still are a sign of lifes cycle and I love them

  13. My thanks to all who have made comments, I greatly appreciate the exchange of views, your humour and your care.

    I am off for a walk with my camera in a few moments, under a clear blue sky. Knowing where I am going but not knowing what will catch my eye.

    Warmth & hugs aheron

  14. As always great read Mel, love the blossoms this time of year too, Aine.


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