Saturday, 13 February 2010

February 14th !


A dream,

Is an early morning tide

Softly gentle waves caress

the slopes of a slumbering mind

As rolling pebbles call

memories ashore.

©MRL 1984

The 14th February a celebration for lovers - Valentines Day!

One can easily surmise that it is a day for youth, forgetting that the middle aged and the elderly also have love in their hearts and sweet memories that surface in dreams. For love and attraction belongs to us all!

Love Does

Love does

In flesh



of lust

Love does

in soul


the spirit


Love is


In unity



There are many types of love, shared by couples and none can define that one is better than another. I don't want to get serious on this Happy Day so I will leave you with a bawdy smile!

The APPLE and the KNIFE

Question not

fresh russet fruit

For I, this blade

Would pierce

Your tender skin

Letting your juices

run to air

or even lie wet

upon the ground.

Profanities may assail

from the family tree

But what cares I

For am I

not a blade, sharp

well honed?

And you

A fruit

well spun

lying in the shade

for collection?

Come leap dear

We need no Vicar!

© 1982 MRL


  1. It's plaisant to read this generous ans amazing page.

  2. Well put, beautifully expressed. It is my little black cat's fourth birthday today, that's what I'm celebrating; little Frankie Valentine I call him.

  3. Ahh
    I saw so many loved up couples today. It's great when love permeates............

    I adore 'a dream'...beautiful in its simplicity

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  5. Fizzycat : I am sorry to have had to delete your comment,
    unfortunately 90% of what you wrote was not applicable to this blog. It was in actual fact a reply to a comment that I left on your Blog, which where in my opinion it ought to have been written ;-)


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