Tuesday, 16 June 2009

We are taking off for a few days ostensibly to celebrate the Summer Solstice, actually for a break, a rest, a change of scenery etc.

My lovely partner hates flying, loathes it in fact. As for me, I once worked on the design of Concorde for five years, the portholes are all that is visible of my efforts on that great plane, the other bits & pieces are hidden within the airframe.

During my working years I was never a full time aircraft person, even though that type of work on the A320 Airbus & the small two seater Tucano kept the wolf from the door on a few occasions. My actual training was in ship design - naval architecture. So in knowing a tiny bit about aircraft I feel so much more safer on boats, or even trains as I had input on some of those too !

Our journey then will be via cars, trains and a ship (built like an aircraft) to an exotic part of Europe.

My Summer

I like to see Rabbits

in the field scampering

And going about their habits.

I like to see the Barn Owl

swooping through the air

A low, slow cream soul.

I like to see the cricket

being played on the green

All in white and all alike.

I like to see the swifts winging

on summer days at dusk

And hear Blackbirds singing

I like to see the mists

rise up from the rheen

To gently surround the trees

I like to see a sunset flood

blue heavens tinted pink

Atop a hill and silhouette a wood.

I like to sit and dream

on dark winter nights

of summers gone

and of those yet to come.


  1. What a beautiful bird! It must have been a bit of thrill to work on that one. I always wanted to fly in that one. Thats' how I learned what a Canard was...

  2. Hi Dad

    Like the blog, trying to connect to you via google mail but if all else fails catch you on skype thursday!

    loads of love


  3. OOO'H I like the hat the Helen !

  4. Great job on the blog Mel and as always I enjoy what you write..I figured gee I come in read look around and never say anything hehehe so this time I is lol Debs


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