Monday, 19 December 2016


In my previous post I spoke of events which occurred in the mid 1970’s when I lived in, what was then, a proper small country market town set in the heart of Somerset. 
Back then Glastonbury was home to a small alternative community and my quest was to find others who had also experienced the hidden energies who could offer me advice or guidance.

During this time I had also become partially absorbed in writing poetry, a way of expressing the thoughts of my inner self. Again it was Ms. D who actively encouraged me and as I look back today I realise how much she helped me to develop. I have never met the person I sought, the one who shared my experiences and could guide me, but I do live in hope.

My life then was, in some ways, an apprenticeship as I grew and accepted the reality of subtle energies and my own awareness of them. 
It was around this time that I discovered the works of the eminent Dr. Carl Jung and others, whose influence set me on a journey of personal discovery and self examination, although to be honest I would not have admitted that then.

Those hidden energies which I later discovered, as many have probably guessed, were Healing Energy and Earth Energy.

Living in Ireland many years later I attended a Healing Centre weekly. Here, myself and others, gave our time and skills in energy healing to help people. There was no fee for our work, we asked only for a donation towards the rent and heating. We never turned anyone away and people gave what they could afford.
Although the sessions were long, starting at 7pm and continuing until the last person had been seen, often at midnight, I experienced great pleasure in assisting those who needed our help. 

On some occasions we would train others, showing them various techniques, such as the use of sound, colour, visualisation and chakra balancing, which we knew from our own experience would work. Our belief was that the more people we trained the more people would benefit and the healthier society would become. I continue believe this and still offer healing free of charge, when asked. 

In regard to Earth Energies I developed my own system of working and may in the future share that too.

Thank You for Visiting

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


For many years I have been interested in hidden energy, which is spoken about by alternative healers and dowsers. 

My introduction and awareness came via my practise of transcendental meditation when I set out on a path of self discovery. This is a journey that still continues and by its very nature seems always to introduce me to something absorbing which refreshes the depths of my being.
I have, over the course of time, met up with others who have walked alongside me for some of the way, then we have separated, each to go on alone.

Two energy events occurred about the same time many years ago. 
The first came after a family holiday we collected our dog from the kennels only to find that he had virtually lost his bark and could only croak. As was usual I did my twenty minute T M in my chair after everyone else had gone to bed then went into the kitchen for a sip of water and say ‘good night’ to Fido. 
It was then that I had the idea of encircling his neck with my hands without actual touching him, for a few minutes. His bark had returned by the next morning.

The second event occurred a few days later when Fido and I went for a walk along our usual route. I was walking slowly whilst he was sniffing the hedgerow, as dogs do. Suddenly I felt as if I had stepped through an invisible barrier, so I stepped back, then forward again and yes, there it was, a moment’s sensation. A change in my awareness, it was as if I had stepped across a dividing line between two areas without there being any visible change in my surroundings. I was mystified.

Several days later I visited a friend, Ms D, who had instructed me on the solo practice of T.M. 
We discussed these events and of how important it was to maintain ones’ equilibrium, not to sensationalise them or to become self indulgent.
She understood my experiences, seeing them as part of the opening up of the self.

Over the years I have discovered much about the hidden energy and have been able to use it for the benefit of people and animals.

Even today I am visited by those requesting assistance and am generally able to help them. There is nothing quite like their appreciative smiles.

Thursday, 1 December 2016



In a few weeks billions of people around the world will be celebrating Christmas on December 25th, others will celebrate the same event on January 6th.
Unfortunately neither of the two dates are correct and the theologians and other church administrators have gone along with this great lie rather than rock the boat.

There is definitely a great deal of uncertainty in regard to this topic with suggested dates ranging from late March to April 3rd, 7th, 17th, 20th, 21st, whilst others think it might well be in August or even September.
What they do all agree upon is that Christmas and the birth of Jesus is definitely not on December 25th.

There is an uncertainty in regard to the year of Jesu’s birth, was it 8 B.C.E. or 4 B.C.E. ?
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says that there is an error in the calculations of Dionysius Exiguus, a 6th century monk.  Exiguus, who is considered the inventor of the Christian calendar, “made a mistake in his calculations by several years. The actual date of Jesus’ birth was several years before.”

Benedict explains that the Gospel of Matthew claimed that the birth of Jesus was in the time of Herod the Greats’ rule in Judea, however, given that Herod died in 4 B.C. Jesus must have been born earlier than Exiguus originally documented. 

In earlier times the Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a week long period between December 17th and the 25th.

The Celts also celebrated. For them the deep darkness of Winter Solstice, 21st December, was important, followed by the immediate rebirth of the Sun and the lengthening hours of daylight.

So to whom do we attribute the great misnomer to? 

The Sun surrounds Jesus

I suggest that it was none other than the Roman Emperor Constantine, a Pagan who married Sun worship with Christianity.
The Sun became the Son. 

Emperor Constantine constructed a single canon with the connivence of Christian leaders to help him unify the remains of the Roman Empire. 
Until this time Christian authorities could not decide which books would be considered "holy" and thus "the word of God" and which ones would be excluded. 

By bribing the leaders of the Church the "word of God" was voted into existence at the Council of Nicaea. These "holy" scriptures were not completed until the Council of Trent, 1,238 years later, when the Catholic Church pronounced the Canon closed. 

So it appears that the approving editor of the Bible was not God.
The process began with Constantine and it is him we have to thank for the Christianised midwinter celebration which will see millions of people awaiting the birth of the ‘Son’.

The Sun entering the chamber at Newgrange
in Co. Meath

In our home we recognise the rebirth of the Sun, the growth of light and the start of a new cycle in nature.
What does this time of the year mean to you, how will you celebrate ?