Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Creation Myth

Hazel is a wonderful character with many attributes, some of which you all know about and a lot of others which may only colour your dreams. 
I can best describe him as being a great old lad, though there are still many things which I do not know about him. On occasions we have long talks on a variety of subjects which interest us both.
The greatest problem I have with him is knowing when he is telling the truth and not simply filling in time with nonsense.

One night we were sitting by the fire and I asked Hazel about his fosterlings’ name.

“Her name is very unusual. I have heard of your folk using Irish and English names like Sean, Seamus and even Siobhan or Bizzie for women folk, but never before have I come across Droocta ? ”

Hazel leaned back in his favourite corner and scratched his head for a while and then with eyes twinkling he leaned forward and with a big smile and said,

“Ah her true naming will take awhile, may be even years afore her character comes shining through and she be named then for what she be. Do you see ?”

“I didn’t realise that Hazel, yes, I can see the rightness of that, but what does Droocta mean?”

Hazel gave an even bigger smile saying, 

“Well, rightly it isn’t her name at all, it’s her growth-place. 
What you call a Pod, is in human Irish Druchta, in our language it is Droocta.
Our language has differences and is older. Now do you understand ?”

I frowned at what he had to say for I was mystified.

“So are you saying that she doesn’t have a name at all yet ? ”

Hazel then spoke without a smile on his face.

“Ha’h now you be getting it, no, she don’t have no name of her own. 
After while I shall be considering a seedling name for her when I know what might be fitting. Then down along the row of time another will give her a different name and that too might change, who knows?”

Hazel stopped talking and looked me firmly in the eye. 
This time there was no twinkle in his eyes, no humour about him. 
He was as serious as I had ever seen. I knew to stay silent.

Time passed and eventually Hazel momentarily gave a slight smile and started to speak. 

“We, who you humans have many names for such as Elves, Faeries, Gnomes, Trolls and Pixies or Piskies, are created by Mother Nature. 
We know Her as the Goddess Derbilla. 
Our creation of each individual occurs at a time when the stars and planets, together with the sun and moon are aligned, for it is then that stirrings take place deep within the earth. 

Our new ones are formed, each seeded within a green fungus, the droocta, which protects the new life. Similar to a mushroom, the droocta pushes its’ way through the earth out into the sunlight and the new one is cradled within. All of my folk began this way and we stay within our ‘pod’ for five years.”

Hazel then stopped, returning to his normal self he said, 

“I have done a lot of talking, me throat is fierce raw so now how’s about filling 
me cup Boss ?”

“It is a pleasure Hazel and thank you for telling me about your creation” I replied. 
For the rest of the night the whisky flowed down his throat until all the bottles were empty.

Drifting off

Poor old Hazel fast asleep and snoring loudly after too much excitement!


Perhaps you, my readers, would like to help Hazel and suggest a name for her early years and you never know what Good Luck may come your way !

The nurturing and caring Hazel.

©MRL 2016


  1. Replies
    1. Oh' Simon I am sorry to hear that. Let me assure you he means no harm to anyone and has very keen sense of fun which is at times just a little off beat.
      Thank you for commenting.

  2. Lovely story, friend H ... Have a friend who named her 2 daughters "Sherry and "Brandy" ... sooo, what about "Whiskey",hmmm? Love, cat.

    1. Thank you Cat and you reminded me of a former landlady of mine who had two cats one black and the other white who she named as Whisky and Soda. Now why on earth should I just think of that ?

  3. I'll have to think about, but I doubt I'll be much use with names. I do, however, love the story and especially love that shot of "poor old Hazel fast asleep." Priceless. He remembers of a good friend of mine.

    1. Thank you Mitchell. I am very pleased that you enjoyed the story and Hazel's pose too. You might find a name amongst your exotic house plants..... not that I am giving you a hint of course [wink!]

  4. Hazel sure looks comfortable.
    Coffee is on

  5. A wonderful story. I love Hazel. What a character he is. What about Lavania? I suggest this because in a way, that is what Droocta is....a little lava in that state of growth after leaving the cocoon of her pod. Okay, the cocoon usually comes after, but I thought it sounded nice :)

    1. Lavania ? H'm yes that is well thought of name and I appreciate the connection with inner earth Val. We will wait and see what see. What other names might flower forth and ultimately it is Hazel who will do the choosing, not me.
      Thank you for the comment and suggestion.

  6. From Miranda C in sunny Dorset comes these suggestions.
    So...Elswyth meaning elf from the Willow tree, a connection with the trees near where she came from and the fact that elves have healing powers. Alternatively Elwyna or Elwine both mean elf-wise friend.
    With love from
    Dorset Elf friend

    1. Thank you for your suggestions Miranda great to receive a comment, again we willhave to wait and see what Hazel thinks
      when he returns :-)

  7. What a wonderful myth of creation. I have a wee bit of a crush on Hazel. While I have no idea for a final name, as Droocta should be able to choose that on her own, it seems that Tarlaigh may be a nice interim name as she in unfolding from the seedling self.

    1. Thank you for your interest Toni; Am glad that you appreciated the creation myth and I like your suggestion of the name
      Tarlaigh - well we shall have to wait until Hazel returns you know :-)

  8. I wouldn't presume to poach upon Hazel's ground. In my group of friends there are two Hazels and then there are the others of the same era - Mavis, Lavinia, Christine - none of them at all suitable for such a feisty one.

    1. Nonsense Pat go on make a guess put in a name our Hazel will not mind :-)

  9. Hi Mel - I have to say Hazel worries me a little ... and I don't see his dowsing branch ... but I also can't get my head into gear for Hazel's creation ... definitely something connecting roots with the earth and life ... good luck with your choices ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hello Hilary, I am a bit mystified about your mention of " his dowsing branch" I don't think he needs to do any ?
      Specifically Hazel and his kind are of the earth and although they have some human features, that is where the similarity ceases.
      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Hmmm, Melvyn, whisky for such a gentle creature, is that really wise?? In Sweden we would have served him Julmust, that is a very special beverage with a taste like, Stout, but not bitter but childishly sweet. Nonalcoholic, of course, that would stop the snoring. He does look great and that is a very sweet story and you are a very good storyteller as well. I will be back with some swedish elf and goblinstories soon. Thank you again for this exciting meeting!!!

    1. Yes, Whisky it is known as The Water of Life over here but do not get confused with common brown stuff, for the whisky that he enjoys is White Whisky and also known as Poiteen which used to be made up in the mountains.
      Perhaps you have something similar, some now illegal wild mens brew ?
      Am glad that you enjoyed the story. There will be more tales from Hazel eventually, for I know that he will be dictating some other facts on his return.

  11. Oh Hazel what to name your little one ....? I quite like dartas ... Its so alian for elf! X

    1. Not his little one, he had nothing to do with the mite, not like humans you know - very different.
      Dartas eh yes good suggestion we must wait and see.
      Thank you for the comment Snapdragon.

  12. I look forward to that!!! And yes, I am quite sure there are illegal brewings going on in the wilderness of Sweden, but I of course know NOTHING about such things!!! Since I am not...whatever Hazel is...I prefer single malt if I drink whisky at all!! Is he an elf? He looks magnificent whatever he is!!

    1. Ha'h what is Hazel you ask ? Well I will tell you that he is himself ! You know one of the most terrible things about the modern day human beings is that they always want to classify beings and other beings into boxes, sometimes by doing so they miss out on true nature.
      I used to drink alcohol and there are not many drinks that have not sampled and then gradually I lost the pleasure of drinking. In realising that, it made me reflect on why I drank in the first place and it was only to find a refreshing drink.
      I have found now the drink that really refreshes me it is Spring Water.
      Thank you for returning and making other observations FT

  13. You really are something, Melvyn!! Spring Water it is, nothing better, I agree. And what's in our true and inner nature usually emerges bit by bit, boxing in people is not really my delight. It's actually stupid.

    1. Exactly RT exactly !
      You know I think that even the late Fidel Castro would agree with us :-)

  14. I'm useless with names. Best of luck.


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